As the lone male designer in a sea of women, Christopher isn’t shy to let his personality and talent shine through. He’s a smart and savvy designer, who is still in the early stages of his career. Growing up, he had the benefit of contractor parents, which ignited his passion for design at an early age. It's this influence and his high level of comfort on job sites that sets him apart. He’s driven and knows exactly what he wants—and he wants to win.

Age: 27

Design style: "Mid-mod, industrial, minimalist. Quirky. Dramatic.”

Favourite colour: shades of blue

Surprising fact: “I can listen to the same song easily 20 times. I could also eat the same meal 20 days in a row. If you don't get too complicated on me, I can knit a pretty mean scarf. (Just don't interrupt my counting.) I mastered the art of celebrity stalking during TIFF 2009.”

Style icon: “Greats in design history: Arts and Crafts, EamesCorbusierWilliam MorrisFrank Gehry—the list could go on, I love design history and research. I've also always felt a closeness to the work of Johnathan Adler and Orlando Soria.

Where do you find inspiration? “Everywhere! I jump around. I’m eclectic. I don’t want to limit myself to one style; inspiration can come from any place.”

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? “Maybe architecture, probably photography. Something still very creative.”

If money were no object, what would you dream house look like: “Which one?! My city house would be a traditional home converted to open concept. It would look modern and personal, and historic but brand new...and definitely expensive with a great view. Plus, I would have a beautiful country cottage in a secluded lake area for down-to-earth living. This one would be more traditional with a craftsman feel and would look more masculine. Of course, next would be the vacation home—or should I say, homes. I could go on...”

Hobbies: “Spending time with friends (galleries, shows and exhibits are all best with company). I try and get away from the city as much as possible. Trees and stars, please! In the city, I do try and discover the unique places I have yet to see. This last summer I made a goal of visiting every historic museum in the city; I'm nearly there—check my Instagram for the pics!”
Pet peeve: “Waiting! Inefficiency. Poor leadership. And people who abruptly stop in front of me in stores while shopping.”
Which IKEA product best describes you? “The LĂ–VBACKEN. It's loveable, affordable and easy to assemble. 

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