Marcy is what happens when a small-town girl meets big-city determination. What this youngest competitor lacks in experience, she makes up for in sheer enthusiasm for design. As a child, she would beg her mom to take her to open houses and, while most kids were climbing trees, she was busy sketching floor plans. Now, as an adult, she has a growing list of design clients and is known for her innovative DIY tutorials on YouTube. She’s the down-to-earth girl next door...who wants to come in and rearrange your furniture. But don’t let that bubbly personality fool you, because this girl is in it to win it.
Age: 24

Design style: “I love things to look classic, elegant and very inviting. I’ve always loved white and rooms that look effortless and beautiful.”
Favourite colour: blush pink
Surprising fact: “I was a ballet dancer and I have my highest level Cecchetti ballet method.”
Style icon:Jillian Harris: I absolutely love her style and how she incorporates vintage and antique pieces to tell a story. She is so modest and would be an amazing person to work for or just be friends with.”
Where do you find inspiration? “Definitely from magazines, but I recently travelled to Europe and was really inspired by all the details, carved doorways and colours. Everything is so stunning. Travelling in general always inspires me.”
If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? “I would definitely still need to be doing something creative, so maybe an event planner or a photographer.”
If money were no object, what would you dream house look like? “Traditional Georgian-style home with lots of white, open spaces, large doors and lots of trim. It would definitely have French windows. I picture an elegant and classic space with a backyard terrace, where I could drink my tea in the morning and host dinner parties under the stars.”

Hobbies: “I really love hanging with my friends, shopping, dancing and going to concerts. I saw The Lumineers recently, and they were amazing.”
Pet peeve: “When my hair sticks to my lip gloss.”
Which IKEA product best descibes you? “The LEIRVIK bed. It’s beautiful and timeless, so no one would ever get rid of it!”

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