Martha is an engineer-turned-designer whose self-taught skills could bring envy from even the most seasoned pro. Her unique background allows her to approach her work with functionality as much of a priority as style. She says she’s able to keep  a close eye on the numbers and moving pieces, which lets her guide complicated designs into beautiful spaces all while making it seem effortless. In other words, game on!

Age: 32

Design style: "Urban, Scandinavian, sophisticated and creative."

Favourite colour: "I love to design with white: It's so versatile and can be used to create a serene space or the backdrop for some eye-catching pop."

Surprising fact: "Many people may not know that I started my career in the military. After five years in the army, I wanted to have my own impact on the lives of our soldiers and dedicated my efforts to designing the power packs of military armoured vehicles. I became a specialist in thermo and fluid dynamics and worked for eight years on propulsion cooling designs for next-generation armoured vehicles."

Style icon: "Gigi Hadid: She always looks comfortable and not overdressed, which is important when you work 14 jobs and don't know what the day is going to hold for you."

Where do you find inspiration? "I find inspiration in things that make me think. I am drawn to designs that catch my eye, because they are different from what you would expect. It can be the use of a beautiful material picked perfectly for its simplicity or something wildly out of the box that challenges the status quo."

If you weren't a designer, what would you be? "I would be designing cooling systems for armoured vehicles! I suppose that would still make me a designer. I don't think I could be anything other than someone who creates."

If money was no object, what would you dream house look like? "It would be a floor-to-ceiling glass house that has a view like no other—one that overlooks cliffs and water with views that are completely secluded, yet the location is minutes from amenities." 

Hobbies: "Running, playing sports, motorcycle rides in amazing weather, canoeing and camping in the wilderness and building dream homes, of course." 

Pet peeve: self-centred people

Which IKEA product best descibes you? "Does IKEA sell wine yet? Ha! The MASKROS pendant lamp: It uses subtle materials like paper to make a impact like no other."

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